Back at It

Nothing is more revitalizing than reinventing oneself

Let's be honest, adulting is hard work - but my passion for fashion is alive as ever. It's funny how I wrote "consistency is key" in the beginning of my blogging days (about two years ago), but I've failed to post in quite some time. Please forgive me.  

After taking a hiatus from what I truly love, I've been forced to ask myself, 'Am I willing to live solely for the weekends or everyday chasing a dream?'. While the latter is looking more and more appealing as my 12 hour work days drone on and on, my time away from styling has enabled me to look back on my earlier "creations" and ask myself, 'what the hell was I thinking?'…

Moving forward, I'm determined to bring my blog back to life; posting a more accurate representation of who I am as a stylist. So if you will be so kind as to indulge me and follow along, welcome to the new and improved Fashion Cavity. 



FOREVER 21 | similar SUNNIES 




Shelah is a freelance model with a passion for all things fashion.